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Information about COVID-19



Firstly, we just want to say that love always wins…We don’t know what happened to you at the other end of internet. We are together with you.


We have been back working as normal since Feb. and never stop accepting orders. The processing time is just faster than before. Actually our processing time is around 7-10 business days per piece, and now 5-7 business days. We just hope to work harder to have our buyers get them ASAP.


Yes, the standard shipping time is actually much longer than before. The usual international shipping time is 10 business days, but now would lead around 3 weeks. Accordingly the shipping costs rise much higher suddenly. But we don’t want to mark up the shipping costs, and willing to cover it by ourselves. Just suggest please place order as earlier as possible to make good preparation. If you need the item for any deadline, please let us know.


And finally, I think there are more questions in this situation when you want to place order, so just don’t be shy. Please contact us. Our email is hermagic@qq.com. We would reply to all the emails within 24 hours.



Hope you all well…


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Apr. 2020





Hello, Everyone:) 


Welcome to Dressromantic!!


I’m so honored you found us! We are a women’s’ clothing studio set up since 2014, based on Shanghai, China. Most of our products are handmade and made to order, so we could meet most buyers’ requests for customization accordingly, which is also becoming a advantage for our shop. In past years, we have sold out over thousands of items, and got many compliments from our buyers. I think it’s exactly why we’ve always been enthusiastic for our working.


Best product quality is the first thing we insisted for our products. We have our experienced tailors and designers. We only work together with best fabric supplier in the market. Most of items are taken pictures by ourselves. We can guarantee the item the buyer received is just what is showed on the pictures. And we would also double check every item before it is shipped out. It’s proud for us that we rarely receive any buyer’s request to return and refund.


Our products are made to order. The processing time is around 4-7 business days. For the peak season, the processing time might take longer than usual. We suggest our buyers can place order as earlier as can. For special request, please add it in your order Or contact us by email: hermagic@qq.com.


Most of products are mainly used for wedding bridesmaids’ outfits, including tops and skirts. We have accumulated quite a lot for experience in the work of wedding outfits production. We also keep up with the latest trend for wedding; constantly design more beautiful skirts for our buyers. Just tell us your requests, don’t hesitate about it.


For the many more our shop’s information, please check our shop’s policy accordingly. You can also contact us any time by email: hermagic@qq.com or @Dressromantic



Love is the most important thing in this world :-)


Be grateful for everyday!!


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